Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! There are a few missing features holding it back from perfection, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the highest-quality gaming headsets you can buy. More of an evolution than a revolution, the A50’s guts are mostly the same as the A40’s, exhibiting minor tweaks to the chassis, but major additions in terms of functionality. Doing away with cosmetic tags, ASTRO decided to go with a completely closed-back design, boosting bass response and sound isolation as a result. This is the biggest advantage the A50 has over the wireless A40’s reliance on an external device. Open Air Frequency Response: You have the option to disable it, but it’s a feature we found valuable for listening to music and stereo content in general. For wireless communication, it utilizes Kleernet’s 5. This ensures minimal interference from Wi-Fi equipment and portable phones, but it’s also the biggest difference from the old Transmitter, effectively crippling cross-compatibility.

Astro a40 vs Turtle Beach PX5

I went out and bought the adapter to use with my Astro A40’s and it has been down hill from there. After getting the adapter hoooked up I followed the instructions and updated my controller, connected the MixAmp and headset, and nothing changed. To make matters worse I can’t even test to see what is wrong with my Mic.

Overall people don’t want to pay this kind of money for a headset that doesn’t work as soon as they hook it up. @Camaronii February 13, at pm Reply ASTRO for sure makes the best gaming headset that you could possibly buy, but when it comes down to .

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If it inspires you, please support us with a donation so we can keep it going. Podcast Reviews Great podcast covering all things gaming October 14, by illmaticone from United States Love your show. Strikes a great balance between social and gaming. Sink from United States Wonderful insights into the latest in tech and also how the world is changing.

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The Astro A40 is one of my all time favourite headsets, but the TR upgrade, as well as the addition of the Mod Kit accessories, have taken an already fantastic product to new heights.

Additionally, this gift guide will be split into two parts. The first section will be filled to the brim with large gifts, while the second half will be populated with smaller, more secondary gifts. So without any further adieu, sit back, pour yourself a big glass of non-alcoholic eggnog, and enjoy the MLG Holiday Gift Guide! The fusion of quality and affordability. Every hardcore gamer knows a great headset is essential to competing with the best.

Sennheiser has created a sleek and visually appealing headset, while still preserving the single most important element to gamers— quality. The biggest highlight of the A40 audio system though, has to be the Mixamp. The A40 Mixamp allows you to customize the balance of sound output between game and voice communication.

These Mixamps can be linked together during LAN tournaments, enabling a private team chat-line during every match. Due to the gaming community being relentlessly pounded with more big name titles than they can even realistically consume, choosing which games to purchase will be difficult to say the least. WaW managed to maintain the look and feel of its predecessor, while adding a new twist to keep things fresh.

Resistance 2 — Following the trend of sequels on our list, Resistance 2 has received rave reviews all across the web ever since its release early-November release date. Resistance 2 was developed by Insomniac Games, and is one of the premier Playstation 3 exclusives currently on the market.

Connecting astro a40 headset to pc with no optical port

Black Verified Purchase First i would like to say, if you’re an audiophile and want high quality sound when listing to entertainment outside of gaming movies, music, etc then i recommend getting a separate headset for that. But for gaming it’s one of the best out there. Communication is very good, you’re able to hear individual words well.

How do you set up sound blaster zx with Astro A40 and mixamp? Forum Search. Guidelines. Be respectful to others; No spam; you need to make sure to hook the usb up the voice and power for the mixamp is done over usb and the headset plugs into the headset jack. plugs into the headset jack. If you skipped the usb, then this is part of.

This not being my first surround sound headset I’ve owned Trittons I can honestly say that the quality of the sound location isnt anything to write home about, so I really do not have a desire to replace these with the same model. This seems to be a common problem with the Logitech G35’s, if you go to amazon there are quite a few sub-par reviews attributed to the build quality, particularly at the critical stress areas, they all break right where mine did.

I am sure Logitech is aware of this, in fact, as I said earlier it is likely an intentional design feature. It may seem like conspiratorial nonsense, but manufacturers actually sit down and attempt to calculate the minimum length of time a device can fail yet still be replaced by the consumer, what is termed “planned obsolescence”. If anyone has wondered why all of the Logitech wired devices have wires that ALWAYS bend and fray with time, you can most certainly attribute this design feature to planned obsolescence So now after a year and a half, I have in my possession, with the exception of a failed critical joint, a perfectly good jumble of ear-pads, headband, and wires that will now likely go to a landfill, all so that I can keep the “Infinite Growth” economic model operating at maximum tempo.

So, with that aside, I am back in the market for good surround sound options. I have narrowed down my search to two headsets: Astro A40’s with or without pre-amp this is what I need information on, will the creative labs soundblaster be able to push these or do I need pre-amp? If you don’t know what I am talking about check them out: Problem 2, they connect via 3. I have done a bit of research already and realize that there are 4 3.

How To Set Up Astro A40 Mixamp Pro With Laptop Msi Gt70

They are simply breathtaking. Whether you are using them for gaming, music or movies they deliver on each. The TR amplifier improves clarity and delivers amazing quality sound that warrants the price bump from the cheaper Astro A40 mixamp pro option. I have tested this headset amidst many varieties of sound be it the clarity of classical music, the fast paced drums and riffs of metal, the deep bass of house and dubstep and the mixture and chaos of Battlefield 1, to the pinpoint audio required for those tense standoffs in Rainbow 6 Siege.

It might sound like I am harping on about this but I cannot express the sound quality, in Siege this headset alone has made me win in clutch situations due to the fact that I can hear magazines dropping on the floor during reloads which give away their positions.

ASTRO ANNOUNCES FIRST PRO TEAM SPONSORSHIP – ASTRO ANNOUNCES FIRST PRO TEAM SPONSORSHIP We are proud to announce our very first sponsorship of Team Eon. .

Maybe you want to benefit from our range of spare parts and accessories, or maybe you want to give your headset a boost with our amplifiers. You can find all items compatible with your headset here. Its open acoustics and advanced ergonomics featuring a 2-axis metal hinge system and an adjustable headband ensure superior wearing comfort. Learn more GSP Serious gamers need serious equipment. When the competition steps up, the GSP professional gaming headset delivers.

Ergonomically designed ear pads and an adjustable headband ensure superior wearing comfort. Freedom of movement is secured by the durable metal hinge system ensuring a perfect fit that allows you to fully experience exceptional audio performance. Discover the advantage GSP The GSP gaming headset delivers high-fidelity sound with incredible spatiality for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Its open acoustics and advanced ergonomics ensure superior wearing comfort, while the new and robust design includes a 2-axis metal hinge system and an adjustable headband for a custom fit, as well as a noise-cancelling broadcast quality mic for crystal-clear communication. Learn More Become An Affiliate Do you want to get paid while gaming and streaming your favorite game?

Get that extra win and apply to become an affiliate of Sennheiser Gaming.


Share on Facebook The Astro A40 headset provides high-quality audio for gaming enthusiasts. The attached microphone allows you to talk to your friends or taunt your enemies on any type of game console or PC. The A40 features a Quick Disconnect cable to make it easy to switch from one audio source to another. Astro A40 headphones are designed to enhance the video game playing experience.

Shop the ASTRO m A40 Mobile Cable for those looking to use the their A40 Headset with a mobile phone or music player. Free shipping on orders over $

With each event I attend, inevitably the Astro A40 wired headsets always seems to be the headset of choice for publishers when showing off their soon to be released games. The sight of wires running across my living room floor just begging for either the cat or the dog to start chewing on them is not that appealing to me. So needless to say, I prefer going wireless when it comes to headsets. The only problem is that in the past nobody offered an amazing wireless headset that delivers an exceptional 7.

During the minute demo I listened to them in action I was impressed. Well that day has come and over the past week I have had a chance to give the headset a good workout and overall I have to say I am quite pleased. This being said, I still see some room for improvement and I did have some issues with the overall package. It is very professional looking and high quality.

How to setup ASTRO A40 + MixAmp with Playstation 4