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Jun 20,  · Doll Links Doll identification: Links to websites for help with identifying dolls, antique, vintage, & modern; organized by years, doll name, & maker; plus other doll references.

Tweet Photos This lovely antique Steiff doll retains his Steiff button in his left-hand ear. We believe him to be a farmer dating to ref. He is hard-stuffed with a felt finish and a centre-seam. He has black boot-button eyes, a round tummy, and integral leather shoes. He is wearing his original tunic with stitched flower detail around the neck and sleeves, felt collar and black ribbon bowtie, and black felt hat.

He has the remains of some writing on his right foot. He has jointed limbs. Condition Overall in good condition for his age, but with some playwear.

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What used to be a painstaking job to find matching marks for your treasures using ouliated books or catalogs is now available online at your fingertips. Simply determine the overall shape of the mark on your item and click on the page that lists all backstamps or signatures that look the same. Our services work on all such devices and there is no need to download or use any special software or apps.

They are easy and intuitive to use and can save you time and money. Our specialists are also always on stand-by to answer any of your questions and your communication with us remains private and personal. Our Fact Sheets for each porcelain company, studio pottery or ceramics artisan can give you a deeper look into their history and enhance your understanding of your items.

Nov 05,  · Tracy’s Toys (and Some Other Stuff) Thursday, November 5, Antique Toy Stoves.

This website remains as hopefully a helpful resource. However, there are still some dolls and teddy hospitals around who do not have websites. To help you find somewhere nearer hopefully the best way of finding these is to look in your local Yellow Pages or if that fails then try Yell. HOSPITALS I have been running a doll’s hospital for about 20 years now and it is a shame to have to stop but we were finding our retirement “hobby” was taking up all our time and we wanted our lives back.

So we stopped taking new patients in to finish a 2 YEAR waiting list despite working all hours of the day trying to cope with demand AND trying to encourage customers to try other hospitals and made the decision in December to close the repair service. You can use the links above to see some types of repairs possible plus examples of past repairs to give you a flavour of what is possible, and a Frequently Asked Questions and answers page.

Although we are no longer operating a repair service we are leaving this website in a state where it can hopefully be useful for links to other hospitals, DIY repair advice etc. Doll’s hospitals are few and far between so I have built up a list of hospitals located elsewhere in the UK. I cannot vouch for or personally recommend their services – if you have had personal experiences of using other people’s services then please share them with me.

If you fancy having a go at repairs yourself then some really good suppliers are listed below. At the bottom of the page you will also find some interesting links to Toys, Teddies and Dolls information and suppliers. Lisa at the Sasha Hospital specialises in Sasha Dolls and can cure your doll of a variety of common ailments.

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My favourite era has to be the s. It was a time unlike any other, a decade of colour, movement, music and youth. Walking down Carnaby Street in the mid-sixties, seeing the boutiques, the psychedelic window displays and the mad fashions paraded along the pavement was a crazy experience. The most stunning Twiggy doll must surely be the bisque beauty issued by Franklin Mint in

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History, types and materials[ edit ] Early history and traditional dolls[ edit ] A typical Egyptian paddle doll from — BC The earliest dolls were made from available materials such as clay , stone, wood , bone , ivory , leather , or wax. Archaeological evidence places dolls as the foremost candidate for the oldest known toy. Wooden paddle dolls have been found in Egyptian tombs dating to as early as the 21st century BC.

Greek dolls were made of clay and articulated at the hips and shoulders. Dolls have been found in the graves of Roman children. Like children today, the younger members of Roman civilization would have dressed their dolls according to the latest fashions. When Greek and Roman girls got married they would dedicate their doll to a goddess. There is no defined line between spiritual dolls and toys. In some cultures dolls that had been used in rituals were given to children. They were also used in children’s education and as carriers of cultural heritage.

In other cultures dolls were considered too laden with magical powers to allow children to play with them.

34″ A16M Armand Marseille Bride Doll #1224285

Two cloth and Plastic Dolls 2. Vinyl Shirley Temple 17 in all original in tagged dress 4. P Tony by Ideal 5.

Groovy Baby! – Dolls in The s. There’s a tremendous selection of dolls to choose from, some actually dating from the s while others are modern repros or fashion dolls. The 60’s look can be instantly captured by including a few Twiggy dolls. Armand Marseille Dolls & Other Bisque Dolls ; From Prim And Proper To Fun And.

The board has many friendly doll experts who volunteer their knowledge. The board has a thread explaining how to post photos. This resource provides information about more dolls than any other website. Books Books and magazine articles are often the most complete and detailed resources for identifying dolls. If the book you need is too expensive or out of print, check your local library. See Doll Reference Books. Send me a comment about it, please? EBay auctions Search for both current and completed auctions in the eBay Dolls category.

Double-check the ID with at least two different sources when possible. Not all doll sellers are knowledgeable experts, and people do misstate facts or make unintentional mistakes. Pricing Condition is everything. Book values are merely a guideline to prices, and usually a book lists values for only mint-condition dolls. Book values are out of date by the time a book is published.

To estimate current market values, check completed eBay or other online sellers for dolls in the same condition as yours.

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A doll is a model of a human being, often used as a toy for children. Dolls have traditionally been used in magic and religious rituals throughout the world, and traditional dolls made of materials such as clay and wood are found in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

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GERMAN Armand Marseille (Philippa) A71/2 24’long VERY OLD DOLL 1900/1905

I have a blue dress with a white overlay I have jointed arms and legs I am having to leave my doll collection sadly ,so please can I go to a good home,as I am really stunning and cute I was born around There were no answered questions or comments placed on this listing. Your question and answer privileges have been disabled.

Mar 02,  · inch Armand Marseille #/14K Baby Germany remains steadfast in the manufacture of beautiful dolls representing all ethnicities. Their modern play line and artist dolls rank high in quality and are desired globally by parents for their children and by collectors for their collections.

Armand Marseille of Sonneberg and Koppelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany was one of the worlds largest and best known bisque doll head manufacturers. The founder was born in in St. Petersburg, Russia the son of an architect and immigrated to Germany with his family after From to it’s reported Marseille produced 1, bisque doll heads a day, they made bisque head baby, children, lady and character dolls, on cloth, kid or composition bodies, most with glass eyes, some with painted eyes, with the most commonly found doll molds of shoulder head on a cloth or kid body and socket head on a composition body.

Marseille interestingly did not produce the body of their dolls, but purchased those from other doll manufactures. By the two companies went their separate ways.

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Auctions Arts and Crafts Ability to sell, train and motivate may qualify for this excellent opportunity. No franchise or dealer lee.

Armand Marseille Bisque Baby Doll AM /8k in Newport Isle of Wight. View this and ‘s more Dolls and Toys ads on Wightbay!

Description Of Return Policy: This listing is for a lovely antique doll who has an antique German bisque head with signed “Effanbee” body. Incised on the back of her bisque head is “Made in Germany, , A 4 M”. This doll is a bisque socket head with composition jointed “Effanbee” doll body. This body is very similar to the German doll body but made for their rare Effanbee “Mary Jane” doll in Body is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, legs and knees with all fingers intact.

Overall wear, paint touch up throughout body, scuffs for being years old. She displays well sitting or standing with a doll stand. She has a “sweet” dolly face with open and close blue glass sleepy eyes that work fine, painted lashes around the eyes, brush stroked brown brows, she has open mouth with upper teeth. A faint little dimple in her chin. Her bright auburn red wig is older vintage, it slips nicely over her head, I believe a synthetic material. I flashed inside the head and do not see any cracks.

Speaking of Dolls: Some dolls are worth the wait

Until June, thousands of individual teddy bears, dolls, puppets, train sets, model cars, and tin soldiers — some rare and valuable, many very common and familiar to visitors as toys from their own childhoods — were on public display at the Park House Toy and Collectors Museum in Stow-on-the-Wold. The museum was founded by George and Barbara Sutton in , originally as an extension to their antiques business. But as the collection grew, the museum became their core activity.

Wide-eyed children and nostalgic grown-ups could spend a few pounds to browse cabinets packed with toys dating back well over years.

A Kammer & Reinhardt doll which sold for £, at auction in London in The prices of collectable dolls over the last ten years has yo-yo’d, the value of the finest such as those by Bru.

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Beautiful 26 Armand Marseille Bisque Composition Queen Louise Child Doll c1900