Any time in the year you will be able to find a detective drama on air. Usually, when drama aren’t doing so well, TV networks usually resort to detective dramas as a fallback plan because everyone loves them so much. I can’t explain why they are so popular but I sure am a big fan of them myself. Through years of watching, I came to know the good and the bad, and Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N is a very well done one from what I’ve seen so far. If you’re not aware of the Kindaichi series, it basically started out as a mystery manga featuring the titular character as the grandson of a famous detective. There has been countless drama seasons, specials, and movies starring a load of different actors playing the goofy young detective. After that, Matsumoto Jun and Kamenashi Kazuya took their turns and even Yamapi got involved when he played the famous grandpa in a drama special. Lately however, its mainly been Yamada Ryosuke in the spotlight. I would say that he is probably the second best Kindaichi I’ve seen next to Domoto. Its pretty much become his signature character as an actor.

Kang So-Ra

A post shared by Jiwon Ha hajiwon on Oct 3, at Another rumored past girlfriend of Chang-wook is Park Min-young. Jan 1, at 4: Ji Chang-wook was seen wearing accessories of the same design as Kim Juri, and his photographs taken at the location of the same background began to be compared. Some people have gathered and posted pictures of them putting on the similar items on the internet before as well.

His Ideal type of woman In the past, Ji Chang-wook has talked about his ideal type.

The two grew close due to work as Kang Sora was planning to join another agency. She stayed in touch with Hyun Bin’s representatives. The friendship as colleagues grew and they started to date as they continued to share advice and concerns.

Fred Tatasciore MKX A brown palette-swapped ninja who is one of Kano’s Black Dragon cohorts and possesses the ability of geokinesis earth manipulation , he escaped from Special Forces custody during a prison break orchestrated by Kano, to whom he was blindly loyal. Kano assigned him as his lookout and guardian of a portal leading to Outworld, but Tremor was eventually defeated by Jax. Tremor was originally planned to be a playable in Mortal Kombat Trilogy , but was replaced with Rain.

In Mortal Kombat X, Tremor is now wearing a ninja-like attire, in addition of being given another variations based on the manipulation of crystals, metals, and boulders. Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance[ edit ] Blaze[ edit ] Debuting as a hidden character in Deadly Alliance, and later appearing as the final boss of Armageddon, Blaze is an elemental who had been pursuing a quest when he was attacked on a bridge by an ancient sect.

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The long series really showed all her acting tools and the PD and writer let her spread her wings. So who is the female lead? But Kang Sora is the slightly bigger star, I think, so maybe they will bump up her role? The word is that the script has been written up to Episode 6, so there is still a lot of room for movement. I just have this compulsion to post all my thoughts on this series.

Actor Hyun Bin opened up about his reasons for publicly revealing his relationship with Kang Sora.. At an interview with news outlet Sports Chosun, Hyun Bin explained, “There wasn’t any.

Pinterest Among the celebrities, the changes on Kang Sora appearance might be one of the most shocking. Kang Sora used to have big body. And now, she appeared with a very attractive, sexy and slim body figure. Many people wondered what her secret was. Beside losing weight,the people assumed that Kang Sora might do something more than that. Kang Sora plastic surgery speculation might be true.

Double eyelid surgery this procedure is very popular in Korea. It seems Sora got this done on her eyes too. You can see that Sora got very narrow eyes in the past. And after she lost so much weight, her eyes also looked changes a lot. Nose Job Nose job rhinoplasty is probably the second obvious procedure on her face. To make her appearance looked better and more beautiful, she might get the nose job. This i a supporting way to refine her look.

Compare to the previous nose, the new one looked having narrower shape.

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Great story n great acting. I liked your character much better than the other actress who spent the whole season looking sad. I love Kang SoRa Shes the peak of her career now Im almost out of videos of her on utube to watch and I also watched her dramas Shes so damn good! This time youll end up with Jong suk..

Hyun Bin, whose real name is Kim Taepyeong dates actress Kang Sora!! Both agency VAST and Plum Entertainment admitted the stars’ relationship on Thursday and said the couple met in October at a work meeting and have been dating for 15 days.

Y es que ya hemos llegado al episodio 8 episodio clave para todo drama y es necesario hacer el recuento. Lo que siempre me ha gustado mucho de este drama es su ritmo, ya que los episodios se me hacen nada y casi siempre los disfruto sobre todo si pongo mi cerebro en el congelador y no cuestiono nada de lo que estoy viendo xD.

Es algo, que si lo vemos objetivamente, es muy gracioso: Y claro, cuando eres el espectador, te sientes un tonto xD. Hoon me agrada, me cae bien, pero no me conquista totalmente Y claro, la doctora Han, ya sabemos, es obvio, es Jae Hee Punto a favor y en contra a la vez.

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Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character.

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It’s been 11 missed call. Right now my company tried to take care everything. I am on my way form the camp to the funeral house. Please come, I need you. Just tell me where I should go. I’ll be there soon Oppa. I’ll call you again when I am arrive. Ehm, Sora-ya, just come when I already there. Now, just go home, take a rest for a moment. What does it means Oppa? Is it not only Aboji? I still don’t know what exactly happen, but all of them are gone.

Kang So-Ra

Actress Kang Sora’s wardrobe malfunction Accident? Actress Kang Sora’s wardrobe malfunction Updated: Looking nothing short of a goddess at the opening ceremony of the day festival, the Sunny star was greeted by scores of screaming fans and enthusiastic cameramen. But as she walked over to meet them, she tripped up and stepped on her full-length dress, which caused the zipper to rip and tear right down the back.

Lucky for her, she managed to hold the outfit together before the split caused her dress to fall off.

Kang sora and kang sora dating in your view of time and dating apps. Kim ji hoon stared a little too long at kang sora dating apps facebook shows.: hyun bin and dating .

This is a rumor behind this scandal: Shin Dong Yup was in a relationship with a very popular model Lee Sora at that time. Lee Sora filmed a porno for money when she debuted and it was exported overseas. Unfortunately, a sports journalist found the tape when he was travelling aboard, and he was going to report it as soon as he returned to Korea. Shin Dong Yup heard the news before it was reported. He requested a meeting to see the journalist and asked him not to report it.

The journalist refused to do his favor because it would be very big news.

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Of course you can assume that she did it because of getting popularity, and it’s ok to have your own oppinion about that, but I think it’s not ok to judge her. So if you have a problem with her or celebs in generaldon’t visit her site and try to annoy fans with your jabbering. Yet, there were many situations where the idol group members would just get the roles relatively easily and this hurt my pride.

Create an account or sign in to comment In time they will all eventually date and get married like Shindong. It means your valuing yourself above any man. They aren’t really married.

Among the celebrities, the changes on Kang Sora appearance might be one of the most shocking. Kang Sora used to have big body. And now, she appeared with a very attractive, sexy and slim body figure.

COM — Satu lagi pasangan yang meresikan hubungan mereka jelang penghujung tahun ini. Dilansir dari Donga, keduanya mulai berkencan setelah bertemu pada bulan Oktober lalu. Mereka bertemu saat Kang Sora mencari agensi baru dan melalui teman mereka saling mengenal satu sama lain. Dilansir dari Donga keduanya baru berkencan selama dua minggu. Nah dengan munculnya kabar jika mereka sudah berpacaran, komentar dua pasangan ini soal pernikahan dan tipe ideal pun muncul kembali dan ramai dibicarakan di forum-forum online.

Meski ada banyak orang yang suka pekerjaanku namun tidak banyak yang benar-benar mengerti tentang hal itu. Sedangkan Kang Sora, ia pernah ditanya soal tipe idealnya saat menjadi bintang tamu di acara tvN Taxi. Ia menggambarkan tipe idealnya adalah pria tinggi dengan bahu lebar dan sedikit daging di tulangnya berotot tapi langsing.

Jika dilihat dari tipe ideal keduanya, penggambaran bahu lebar mirip dengan Hyun Bin dan seseorang yang pengertian seperti keinginan Hyun Bin sesuai juga dengan tipe Kang Sora yang ingin pasangan yang juga seperti teman.

Netizens rave over Kang Sora’s proportions