Plot[ edit ] Pregnant photographer Emma Sloan Anne Ramsay arrives at a photo shoot location was formerly the shooting location for various episodes of Highlander: The Series for singer Tyson Ritter , but she quickly realizes there is something wrong when she cannot read the writing on a chalk board on the set. She quickly checks if her smile is crooked, which it is; whether she can hold her arms straight, which she cannot; and whether her speech is slurred, which it is. Realizing what is happening, she tells the stunned people watching her that she is having a stroke before collapsing. House comes in to visit Emma, who is checked in at the hospital. She reveals that she learned the way to self-diagnose a stroke from her baby’s gay father which interests House. He runs some tests and determines her kidneys have shut down, and resolves to find the underlying cause of the stroke. Emma is interested in taking photos of House, and the staff is interested in House’s photo. House has the staff run tests to determine if she has a blood clot in her heart, while he discusses his vacation plans. Cameron wonders why House did not say anything about seeing her and Chase together.

Dr. House and Lisa Cuddy finally ‘do it’ in new season of House

Eddie asks to be alone with his wife and then apologizes for never taking her to Rio. Charlotte says she loves him and always has. Eddie says he’s ready but then Charlotte starts to gasp for breath. She clutches at her throat as Eddie calls for help. House arrives at his office and Taub gives him the case on Charlotte. House is more curious to learn why Thirteen and Kutner are missing.

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Perhaps it’s leftover from Charlie Brown Christmas specials, but I like that warm-and-fuzzy feeling that holiday episodes tend to leave you with. On “House,” however, the holidays generally mean ’tis the season to be lonely, bitter and manipulative. This week’s episode, “Ignorance Is Bliss,” was no exception to that rule! The case of the week was James Sidas Esteban Powell , a boy genius who, as an adult, turned in his Mensa card and became a courier instead.

He says he’d rather be happy than smart — and apparently that’s also how he likes his women, because his wife, while beautiful, drove me crazy with her obvious questions and wide-eyed confusion.

No, Dr. House did not marry Cuddy. He had an emotional breakdown, drove his car into her house and went to a mental hospital.

I think it’s realistic to some degree that his employees won’t, but Cuddy constantly lets him get away with things that just don’t seem believable. I wasn’t a fan of the prospect of them getting together, and though I thought it actually was executed fine–and brought out a softer side of House–I’m not really surprised it didn’t last. I still enjoy the show a lot, but I can see after seven years how people are tired of it. At least now, you know what you’re getting when you turn on the show.

I don’t understand the way they handled “House-Cuddy. I think the Wilson part was a joke So the reason I thought they were waiting so long for them to get together was because they wanted the series to end with them like that. Then it turns out they break them up after only half a season. And for a stupid reason to boot. The reason Cuddy used to give as to why she lets House act the way he does is because from a pragmatic standpoint, he does a lot of good and saves lives. Are we really supposed to buy that he’s just so darned amazing that no other, more conventional and ethical doctor could approach what he does?

Other places have fired him, I just took it as maybe Cuddy feels sorry for him or something.

Keep It in Your Pants, Cuddy

Seriously, I was ready to just punch a wall after it. Cuddy, who is normally my favorite character, is frustrating me to no end. It wasn’t hers to tell! Lucas has NO business knowing!

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At first, nobody would have guessed nerdy Ross could ever get with the vivacious and somewhat materialistic Rachel, but over the course of 10 seasons they went from friends to couple to husband and wife to separated parents, and finally ended up together again in the series finale. Jim and Pam The Office The sweetest office romance on television kept fans tuning in weekly to swoon over stolen glances and goofy smiles between the receptionist and salesman.

After two seasons, viewers everywhere squealed with happiness when Jim and Pam finally shared their first kiss. Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl The king and queen of upper-east side teens, Blair and Chuck had fans clamoring for their rich-kid hookup since the show began. Elliot and Olivia Law and Order: SVU Fans have been clamoring for this pair of sex crimes detectives to get together for seasons and seasons.

Fans watched the pair bicker about their lives for years and years until they finally ended up with each other. Even though they tried to start relationships with different people, Jack and Kate did find an ending together in the afterlife. Big was the on constant always there. Although the comedy is known for portraying absurd and unrealistic moments, the love between these two doctors was always very real and grounded.

Hordes of fans tuned in for the finale to see if Joey would decide to be with titular Dawson or conflicted but comical Pacey. Mulder and Scully The X-Files Maybe it was the alien abductions and government conspiracies that got viewers to first tune in, but it was the undeniable chemistry between FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully that hooked a cult following. With the biological gross-out factor gone, viewers awaited the squeamish coupling.

Gregory House

He collapses during his speech, but when he comes to he can only speak gibberish, using completely incorrect words in sentences. At the hospital, Cuddy asks Foreman to recommend a diagnostic department since House is currently out of town. Fletcher had a blow to the head followed by aphasia. Foreman sarcastically recommends another neurologist – one that House wanted to hire until he saw Foreman’s credentials.

Cuddy relents and gives Foreman the file. Foreman and team begin the examination.

House M.D. is a very interesting show. I say this for good reason, as I don’t normally say that about most hospital shows. After trolling eversomany TV Guides and wikipedia articles, I have come up with House trivia worthy for the ages!. House walks with a cane, as most people already know.

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Preview The Big Hook-Up On Tonight’s ‘Bones’ Finale

But does the series stay solid through its 8 seasons, or did it overstay its welcome like Dexter and many other shows before it. The first three seasons of House have a very simple formula, and one that simply works. Doctor House has a diagnostic team that consists of Foreman, Chase, and Cameron, while the head of the entire hospital is seemingly the only person who can keep House on the extremely loose leash he is on, and her name is Cuddy.

In most episodes in these three seasons, the opening moments start with the soon to be patient seemingly healthy until they either cough up blood, have a seizure, or simply just faint. Then Cuddy tries to convince House to take the case, until she says something interesting about it and House is on board.

House, M.D. () Nude, butt Lisa gives us a nice look at her butt crack while lounging in bed with House after they finally hook up on the show. (52 secs) (52 secs) Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce () Sexy, underwear Ep. 01×03 Lisa Edelstein is skintastic in this sexy scene!

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Huddy season 7 .01 ( scene 1)