I felt I should write about them instead as I’d recently taken a 5 month or so hiatus from blogging. I did promise to share it today though, so here it is! I took the liberty of naming it “Monica’s Herbs De Provence Vegetable Beef Stew” for and after my sister-n-law who made it for some of my kids and hers one night in January when we’d gone over for a visit. She was busy chopping up all these veggies, throwing them into a big stock pot of yumminess and when I asked about it she just said she chops a bunch of this, a handful or two of that, a can of that, some of this, etc. That’s my kind of cooking but of course it can be difficult to tell someone else how it’s made. I do believe I’ve got it down though and it will be easy for you to make yourself. I’ve made it three times since January including day before yesterday. It’s been referred to as the bomb diggity every time. I’ve made it twice in the past few weeks. My son, Ethan, is dating a girl who’s a strict Vegan and we’re hoping to have a big Vegan meal one night.

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Chamber pots The humble, once essential chamber pot has found a new lease of life in modern households as an attractive object in its own right. In Queen Victoria’s day, only the wealthy could afford the new-fangled water closet Prince Albert had a portable one installed in his bedroom – the average citizen had to be content with a ‘guzunder’. This nickname for the chamber pot referred to the habit of sliding it under the bed at night guzunder ‘goes under the bed’ , but in fact chamber pots were used in other parts of the house too.

Alfred Meakin – Pimpernel Design – Cereal/soup Bowl Glo-White Ironstone – Made in England Bowl – 9 cms. dia. – Excellent condition. Side Plate – 7 cms. dia. – slight wear (photo to .

Investigation of a typical relict landslide at Great Fryup Dale suggests that the crop of the Whitby Mudstone Formation is highly susceptible to landslide hazards. The mudstone lithologies along the Escarpment form large multiple rotational failures which break down at an accelerated rate during wetter climates and degrade into extensive frontal mudflows. Geomorphological mapping, high resolution LiDAR imagery, boreholes, and geophysical ERT surveys are deployed in a combined approach to delimit internal architecture of the landslide.

Cross-sections developed from these data indicate that the main movement displaced a bedrock volume of c. The mode of failure is strongly controlled by lithology, bedding, joint pattern, and rate of lateral unloading. Geomorphic mapping and dating work indicates that the landslide is dormant, but slope stability modelling suggests that the slope is less stable than previously assumed; implying that this and other similar landslides in Britain may become more susceptible to reactivation or extension during future wetter climatic phases.

This study shows the value of a multi-technique approach for landslide hazard assessment and to enhance national landslide inventories. Previous article in issue.

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Your Pottery Questions – and Answers On this page are the third series of questions that our ceramics expert Clive Hillier is dealing with from his pottery messageboard. Keep checking to find out if he has answered YOUR question! We have so many hundreds of questions to our pottery expert Clive Hillier that he can only answer them one way – by talking his way through the answers! The messages in bold below have been answered.

Have almost complete set of 35+ year old of English Ironstone (hand engraved) made by Meakin to celebrate America’s Bi-centennial. Each item features a different scene of Americana history.

It was an improved china harder than earthenware and stronger than porcelain. Mason’s patent lasted only fourteen years, and by a number of other potters had already experimented with his formulas. All of these wares were decorated with transfer patterns or brush-stroke designs. Occasionally an undecorated piece would find its way out of the factory, possibly because it was flawed in some way.

Ironstone Goes West In the ‘s, England began exporting the undecorated wares to the American and Canadian markets. The English potters discovered that the “Colonies” preferred the unfussy plain and durable china. Specifically, it was when James Edwards marketed the first white ironstone china in America. Late in the ‘s and into the ‘s huge quantities of china were sold to the agricultural communities and called “thrashers’ ware.

Ironstone Today Little of this plain embossed white ironstone could be found in England until just recently, when a staff member of the City Museum and Art Gallery of Stoke-on-Trent visited the U. He purchased several pieces which now reside in the Museum. This is obviously an oversimplification of the history of English white ironstone in America.

There is also the advent of American ironstone manufacture but that’s another story.

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Leuchtenbhurg China Very pretty antique child’s cup with cute graphics of a boy and girl with two animals, a sheep and goose. Marked on underside “Leuchtenburg Germany” with a graphic of a castle turret. From the style and type, we believe this to be an antique piece minimally a vintage child’s cup , likely dating to the early ‘s. This was found out of a home. The multi-color graphics encircle about half the cup with the remainder left blank.

Antigue Meakin – $ Antigue Meakin China Medwaypc Set 9-pc Settings+srv Pcs+-ex Cond. White And Blue Flowered Royal Crownford Ironstone Pitcher And Wash Basin Mint Cond. Lalique Blue – $ Limoges Plate Apple Blossoms Dating Asian;.

It was established in and run by two brothers, Ashley and Sydney Myott. With growing demand for their wares, the company expanded and moved to the Brownfield’s Works in Cobridge, which is North of Stoke-on-Trent. By they had extended the operation to the adjacent Upper Hanley Pottery. Myott began producing hand painted Art Deco wares of which the varied range of pitchers and vases were in high demand.

Many of these pieces survive today suggesting that output was extensive. These Deco pieces display the famous gold Myott crown mark on the base. White ware was produced for the Cunard shipping company with the provision of cubist style tea sets.

Art Deco English Tea Set for Eight by Alfred Meakin

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CHINA or DINNERWARE PATTERNS: Patterns & Designs on Chinaware, Teapots, Coffee Sets, Cups & Saucers This list of nearly 4, china patterns on this page represents a small portion of all china patterns available.

Durability also accounts for the still-ready availability of vintage ironstone china, literally centuries after it first captivated consumers. Ironstone Formula Delivers on Promise of Reliability Assorted white ironstone Tea Leaf table articles, including a Meakin platter, covered vegetable, and coffee pot, and Wedgwood gravy boat, serving dish, and four plates. Photo courtesy Jeffrey S. Cobalt, added to the mix, eliminated the yellowish tinge that plagued earlier attempts at white china.

The earliest form of this opaque dinnerware made its debut in England, patented by potters William and John Turner. However, by the Turner firm was bankrupt. Although the inexpensive simplicity of white ironstone proved popular with frugal householders, by the s in-mold and transfer patterns were providing a dose of visual variety. Among the decorative favorites: Oriental motifs, and homey images such as grains, fruits, and flowers.

Upon its expiration, numerous other potteries jumped into the fray. By the s, white ironstone found its way across the ocean, enjoying the same success in the United States and Canada as it had in England. By the s, however, the appeal of white ware began to fade. Since the design was not patented, potteries throughout England and the United States soon introduced their versions.

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Patented by Charles Mason of Staffordshire, England, this simple tableware-once known as the “poor man’s porcelain”-hit American tables in the s. Here’s the dish on the essential pieces for a stunning whiteware collection. Brian Woodcock More Originally used in washrooms, ironstone pitchers vary in design from plain to fanciful. While ornate pieces are popular, it’s the early, unadorned styles collectors covet.

Look for finds with a hexagonal or octagonal shape and a bluish tint.

Buy: $ 19th Century English Ironstone J&G Meakin Hanley Pitcher and Bowl Wash Basin Set.

Origins — [ edit ] The company’s name derives from the names of the company’s founders. Their father married the daughter of a master potter, Alfred Meakin. In , Alfred and Frederick Johnson began production at a defunct pottery, known as the Charles Street Works, that they had purchased at a bankruptcy sale in Hanley , Stoke-on-Trent. At first, they specialised in the manufacture of durable earthenware , which they called “White Granite”.

The success of this venture led to rapid expansion. In , the Rev. Henry Johnson joined them, followed ten years later by a fourth brother, Robert Johnson. This kind of tableware soon became very popular in the United States due to its durability and low cost. In , the Hanley pottery was opened, later the Alexander pottery, and in the Imperial Works Pottery.

In , the Trent Sanitary Works was opened for the production of non-tableware products, and Alfred Johnson left the business to establish his own pottery. Challenge and response — [ edit ] Johnson Brothers continued its growth in the tableware industry throughout the first half of the 20th century. After , the popular “Dawn” range of coloured bodies was launched, and Johnson Brothers began exporting its tableware throughout the British Empire.

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